Aspen wins significant portion of ARV tender


In addition to maintaining the supply contract for existing tender items, Aspen has also secured volumes for two new products, Aspen Efavirenz and Tenofivir. Tenofivir is a key new molecule to the ARV tender. Increased usage is anticipated over the tender period. Aspen secured more than 50% by volume of the entire ARV tender based upon expected future demand as published in the invitation to tender.

Aspen’s share of the ARV Tender award included the following:

Product/ Percentage won
Efavirenz 600mg tablets 30%
Stavudine 15mg tablets 100%
Stavudine 20mg tablets 100%
Stavudine 30mg tablets 80%
Zidovudine 300mg tablets 60’s 100%
Zidovudine 100mg capsules 100’s 100%
Zidovudine 200ml syrup 100%
Zidovudine 20ml syrup 100%
Lamivudine 240ml syrup 100%
Lamivudine 150mg tablets 80%
Nevirapine tablets 100%
Nevirapine suspension 100%
Lamzid tablets 100%
Tenofivir tablets 100%

The South African ARV Tender is the largest of its kind in the world. Since inception, Aspen has been the major supplier to this programme. With the growing number of HIV/AIDS patients under treatment, the actual volumes supplied to the State during the last tender has continued to show incremental growth each month. Aspen has been able to respond to this growth in demand. Aspen produces the ARV products at its South African facilities, based in Port Elizabeth. Recent investments have been made in extending manufacturing capability and upgrading existing facilities. This has resulted in unlocking capacity and ensuring that demand requirements are met.

The positive tender results confirm Aspen’s position as a competitive, reliable and valued supplier to the State. In his response to the ARV Tender results, Aspen Group Chief Executive, Stephen Saad said: “The results reflect positively on our competitiveness, breadth of our product offering and on the effectiveness of our service delivery. Aspen has its roots firmly in South African soil and is proud to be a leading contributor to healthcare in South Africa.










Closed Period

Aspen is in a closed period from 1 January until the publication of our interim results on the JSE SENS platform scheduled to be released on 1 March 2023.

The live presentation will take place in Cape Town at 08h30 on 2 March 2023.